Friday, 4 October 2013

4 camp

We are in Newport, Pembs for the annual family holiday. While the rest of the family choose B&B, we   stay at the campsite on the Parrog. This is before we discover Bessie's pub up in the Gwaun Valley. We have a tent for two so because there is no space in the tent, and because it means not having to crouch down to cook, we have put the gaz stove in the back of the van. You take my picture. I am standing by the BT yellow doors of the van, both arms raised in supplication, a spatula in one hand. I am wearing a white, pink and mauvish 50's style sun dress. It has broad shoulder straps, a fitted bodice and a full skirt with two large square patch pockets. I have very short cropped hair and my face is tanned. I hold my head to one side, screwing my eyes up slightly as I smile into the sun. It is before. We are happy.

Word 4 Page 31
Everest The Hard Way
Chris Bonnington

One of the more curious interests my Mum and I shared was a bizarre fascination with mountain climbing, particularly those huge army style assaults on Mount Everest back in the day. Given that Mum had MS and I can't stand on a chair without severe vertigo, I can only think that this interest might have had its roots in our watching a film called The Glass Mountain together, probably as part of the Satuday Matinee series on TV. Many seeds were sown watching those movies and I'm pretty sure this one sprouted our mounaineering obsession. This book is a bit of a collectors item and is one of my very favourite Everest books. It's now looking pretty tatty but still readable and the photos are amazing.  We had also watched the BBC documentary together, shared the triumph and the tragedy. I fell in love with Dougal Haston and probably had the first seeds of my Dharma path sown in me while watching the sherpas perform their traditional pre-climb Buddhist ceremony.

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