Saturday, 12 October 2013

12 laws

We don't have a lot of routines and regulations in this house, but certain things although unspoken, are understood. Between us has stood a house rule that has become law - no more pets. Too much responsibility and we are growing older - I cannot risk having a beloved pet outlive either of us. We have both been happy, relieved even, to come to this decision.

But then along came Milli. 

page 31 word 12 laws
The Sisters
Saga of the Mitford Family
Mary S Lovell

The Mitfords are the perfect example of eccentric upper class Brits, there's a sister for every occasion, from marrying into the Stately Homes of England to falling in love with Hitler. The real thing, the down and dirty Downton. 

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  1. you mean you have George, Quinee, Lulu AND Milli ?