Thursday, 24 October 2013

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The two cats buss each other on the nose, tails flicking upwards saying hello.

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Sense and Sensibility
The One and Only Jane Austen

There can be some post modern critiques of this with some post modern whinging about how Marianne is disposed of to some old ( 40 year old) man in 'punishment' for her earlier selfish recklessness but as I can never separate the book from the film I have to ask myself who wouldn't want to be disposed of to Alan Rickman? Can a film adaptation ever be better than the book it is based on? Can Austen ever be bettered? I have to admit that if it wasn't Austen blasphemy to say so, Emma Thompson's script almost improves on the original story.* This adaptation, and the BBC Firth in a Wet Shirt P & P  are so perfect in every way that they demonstrate what can be done with excellent writing, excellent actors and an excellent director -  and there is absolutely no need and no excuse to resort to the sort of inaccurate and heretical  trash of a dogs dinner that was the Kiera Knightley version of P&P. 
*In the JA museum in Bath ( how she would have hated that!) there is an autographed copy of Emma's Oscar acceptance speech - perfect, priceless and beyond wonderful. 

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