Wednesday, 23 October 2013

23 she's

She's waiting at the bus stop on a Sunday morning.
She's going to have lunch with her boyfriend.
She's just been speaking to her ex on the phone.
He wanted her to come over, to talk.
She's explained that she can't and why.
He tells her she is letting him down
He radiates disappointment.
She offers to cancel the lunch date.
He shrugs the offer off.
She doesn't insist
He doesn't insist.
Fear of the known.
Loving too much and too well.
They give it up.

page 31 word 23 she's
The Portrait of a Lady
Henry James

Don't ask me when or how my love affair with Henry James started. He isn't an easy companion goodness knows. His writing is often impenetrable. His best works have no comfortable resolution. It took me five attempts to read The Golden Bowl ( now my favourite). I still don't really understand the end of Portrait or The Wings of the Dove but that's ok, I am a bit thick and Henry rocks. 

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