Sunday, 20 October 2013

20 door

opening the door
breathing october
warm liquid sun
soft downy air
the smell of green
threads of wood smoke

page 31 word 20 door

Italian Neighbours
Tim Parks
You know those terrible books written by expats who claim to buy tuscan mansions and restore them with only a months wages in the bank and no money coming in for the forseeable future? And how they patronise and condescend to the 'locals' who are so quaint and full of colour and goodness quite a struggle because they don't speak our language? And those terrible boring blogs written by expats who think they are being so funny and original when we've already heard it a thousand times before and here we go with the condescension  and eh allora???
This book isn't that. This is how it is. Coffin furniture, the terrible (and so funny) joke about the 3 men in a train, poisoning dogs that bark in the night, how to bribe.  This is the real thing. 

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