Thursday, 2 January 2014

January 2

It's not always going to be possible for me to post online. I'm also in the way of thinking that it isn't always desirable either, I want to write not thinking about an audience, even one, hovering over my shoulder, beak and eyes sharpened.
So today we went out - I don't think I had been out of the house since Christmas day actually - ostensibly for me to get some vegan cheese and margarine. We were both taken by surprise, swathed as we were in scarves and hats, because despite the leaden grey sky, it wasn't actually cold at all. There were hardly any people about, we had the shops to ourselves.No cheese until after befana though. Later I made vegetable curry and then flapjacks - the first fj's I've made in donkeys years and by the look and the aroma, too few oats and too much goo went into the mix. Onward and upward.

A discarded cardboard box languishes in the gutter , trampled and consumed by rain and wind, the promise and pleasure of its gifted contents already forgotten.

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