Wednesday, 1 January 2014

January 1 2014 Mindful Writing Challenge

This is my third year of taking the Mindful Writing Challenge. I didn't post every day the first year and I probably wrote some embarrassingly bad stuff, nevertheless, a new world opened. I did post every day the second year and I definitely wrote some etc etc. This year I've decided to add a further challenge - no half baked attempt at poetry  - no line breaks at all - simple prose all the way. To help make this work I'm going to incorporate the small stones into ordinary diary observations, because I really want to try and improve my writing.The biggest challenge will be, as ever, to leave out I, my and me me me in the actual stone....I'm sure the usual motifs will be there, evocative aromas, laughing seagulls, ghost cats, invented words, and the sea.

Despite the night rain, this first of the year has been another fine bright day. For some odd reason, perhaps a subconscious commitment to getting more done in the new year, I clear out the herbs and spices nightmare cupboard and Stef, seeking to meet me half way, lowers the shelf a notch - he still can't reach the top shelf but we have an understanding, I put the more exotic herbs and spices on the top, those most used at the bottom. And he can always shout. I hang out some washing, noting the bright greenity of the baby lemons and how lush the hanging geranium is looking. I wonder if the cherry will blossom prematurely like last year.

The air is full of fresh light and the perfume of burning wood.

High above, a seagull laughs.

A small sweet  breeze snakes around the washing, catching at arms, sneaking through legs, and snuffling at the neck of my favourite sweater. 

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