Monday, 1 August 2016

Awake August 2016

As in other years, I've taken on a Mindful Writing Challenge, initiated by Kaspalita Thompson and Satya Robyn ofWriting Our Way Home. I may not be able to post something every day, so the titles refer to the number of the piece, not the date it was written. Sometimes there will be images too. Here's some more info about this years challenge.....

Wake up and become more mindful this August

Write a *small stone* everyday – forget your worries, deeply connect with the world around you, and produce beautiful writing
 This August join people all over the world as they write a few words, a short poem, or a few prose sentences about what they find in the world.

Post your writing in our Facebook group: or on twitter with the #AwakeAugust

So here's my first....

In the 7.00 am stillness of a ticking clock and a distant pigeon calling, the sudden noise of a passing lorry fills space like an inflating balloon, pops, then is gone. The pigeon calls still, the clock ticks on.

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