Monday, 30 April 2012

Another Place; Other People's Parties

No, don't move
Stay just there, right there where you are
At the bottom of the stairs
Caught in the laughing light
Radiantly alive, shining, golden.
Stay right there
And let me stand here watching
From a half opened door
Lost in quiet shadows
And a trembling personal dusk,
Falling, falling, drowning.
Please, no please, don't go
Don't leave and leaving 
Take the very breath, the essence of life with you.
But if you go, before you go, turn
Remember me for a moment
And bequeath me the memory of your smile.


  1. Hi Francesca, Sorry not to have visited your site for a while.Beautiful photograph. Both this one and 2 days ago. I like the reference in past 2 days to Joni Mitchell. Another Place has her sadness about it.
    Love the two lines -
    Lost in quiet shadows
    And a trembling personal dusk.
    Beautifully poignant & personal dusk - a great phrase.
    I wasn't as keen on the final line. I think if you take out the word 'glory' it becomes less 'godlike' as opposed to someone she loves deeply & doesn't want to lose. Have to then fiddle with the syntax a little. Just one opinion, but a powerful poem.

  2. I seem to be coming everyday, here, to read this again and again...since you wrote it